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I haven’t blogged since October and apparently the holidays, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and a Brand New Year can happen without me writing something philosophical about them! Who knew?

Okay, we all knew that. If you have popped in here to sherryville for the first time you may as well realize right off that this is a sarcasm-friendly zone.

The reason for the few months of quiet is really two-fold: In November I started work on my Doctorate degree in Educational Leadership. It has kept me a little occupied. Of course, the holidays are always a flurry of activity too. This year, the day after Christmas I yanked all the decorations down in a hurry and packed them away to make room for wedding stuff. My K is getting married on Valentine’s Day, which, if anyone is keeping track, is 29 days from now. As in LESS THAN A MONTH! So, we are all on the Wedding Train right now.

Not a lot of time to blog.

But the truth is, I have written so much since my last blog. I have written about 200 pages of material for my doctoral work. TWO HUNDRED! That’s a novel! (But, trust me on this, it is not a novel…_) Remembering how to do research, format, and quickly synthesize information has been a challenge, but one I am enjoying for the most part. I graduated with my bachelor’s degree in 1986. I earned my master’s in 2004. So. My timeline is just about right here for me to be back in school.


That’s not all I have written.

Wedding Train, remember?

I couldn’t sleep last night. I’ve been up since about 3:30. When it became evident I wasn’t going to fall back asleep, I got up, did some laundry, checked into my classroom to do some work, and then I wrote my toast for my daughter’s wedding.

And then I got all emotional thinking about her and her great husband-to-be…is it fiancé or fiancee? How do you put that little mark over the “e”? Which “e” do you put it over? It’s always such a complicated word to me. I have to go look it up every time. I’ll just stick with husband-to-be. Maybe HTB for short.

I’d love to tell you lots of wonderful things about my daughter’s HTB, but both of them are pretty private people, so I will just keep this mostly about me.

Here’s the truth: My heart is full of joy. I’m thankful for the love, friendship and partnership I see between the two of them. I’m tired, I’m busy, I’m a little stressed, but mostly, I’m joyful.

God is good all the time. But sometimes it is easier to see.

Here’s to Valentine’s Day! And because I promised no Hamilton references in my toast, I’ll say it here:
A toast to the groom--To the bride.

I love y'all.
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